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   Rising Grades 7-13
Persons in rising grades 7-13 are eligible to attend the Youth Work Camp. Photos on this page offer visual images of this program, representing projects between 2010 and 2013.
A typical day at a classic work camp has persons departing after breakfast for a work project destination. Work projects could include painting a house, working at a small AME church, performing tasks at a thrift store, doing trail maintenance at a state park,engaging in habitat restoration at Grandfather Mountain, performing river clean-up on Wilson Creak, and helping at a food pantry / F.A.R.M. Cafe / Hospitality House. On four days campers work. A fifth day is set aside for relaxation and fun at a local water fall. Evenings after supper at the camp allowed time for recreation, processing of the days activities, and vespers/worship.
JRVC uses a curriculum edited under the title New Earth, Christian Resources for the outdoors. In 2014, utilizing the curriculum Get Real:  Finding Your True Self In Jesus, the camp experience will serve as a small-scale version of living God’s creative way, and can inspire each camper to continue to grow in faith upon returning home.
Youth Work Camp / photos represent 2010 - 2013 projects and campers



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