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   Rising Grades 7-9
Persons in rising grades 7-9 are eligible to attend the Middle High [Outpost / caving] Camp. Photos on this page offer visual images of this Middle High Outpost program, taken during the 2010 camp season.
A typical day at a Middle High Outpost Camp might involve cooking breakfast, taking some moments of quiet reflection, and introduction to the day's theme. This is a trip based camp, so by mid-morning, campers are often departing for a canoe trip, a waterfall destination, or to the featured cave. Lunch meals are often taken during a pause in the day's adventure. The camper group expected to return from their trip first is normally assigned supper preparation, coordinated by their leader or counselor. Evenings after meal clean-up include games, vespers, and campfire programs.
Camp activities at this outpost program feature a caving trip to a location near Elizabethton, TN. Worley’s cave is formed in limestone. The age of limestone caves in Tennessee is from 250 to 350 million years old. This cave has a few rooms large enough to camp in and a stream that flows thru. The trip in the cave lasts from 2 - 4 hours. Campers see rooms like the Fairies Ballroom, Tombstone, Giants Causeway, Thin Floor Room and much more. At times campers will crawl, climb and always get muddy. Johns River Valley Camp contracts with High Mountain Expeditions to provide experienced outfitter guides for exploring the cave.
JRVC uses a curriculum edited under the title New Earth, Christian Resources for the outdoors. In 2011, with the theme Got Spirit, campers and staff will be invited to find God in the everyday experiences of camp and to learn practices for drawing close to God when returning home, Discovery experiences will include Wonder (Psalm 8, Gratitude (Luke 17:11-19), Hospitality (Luke 24:13-35), Generosity (I Corinthians 12:1-26), Worship (Psalm 96), and Living in Christ's Love (John 15:1-17). The publisher offers a pdf sample of this material.
Middle High Caving Camp / photos - summer of 2010



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