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   Rising Grades 3-13
Summer Camps / 2017 information


Above photos highlight a diversity of program options available at Johns River Valley Camp

2017 Summer Camp Schedule

Youth Work Camp (June 11-17)
w/ Revs. Kelly Barefoot & Darrell Sluder directing

Senior High [Outpost Adventure] (June 18-24)
w/ Rebecca Schiemann directing

Junior Age Pioneers (June 25-July 1)
w/ Jason Stump directing

Middle High [Ultra/biking] (June 25-July 1)
w/ Rev. Phil Hardy directing

Senior High Discovery (June 25-July 1)
w/ Rev. Mark Burns directing

Junior Age Explorers (July 2-8)
w/ staff directing

Youth Work Camp II (July 9-15)
w/ Rev. John Myers directing

Beginners Camp (July 16-19)
w/ Ms. Sue Howell & Rev. Jim Humphrey directing

Junior Age [Classic] (July 23-29)
w/ Revs. Lisa Gaul and Randy Orwig directing

Middle High [Outpost/caving] (July 23-29)
w/ Rev. C. L. "Curly" Stumb & Lucy Bennett

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